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The Qur’an plays a major role in building a connection between our hearts and souls to Allah. Therefore it is upon us, as a community, to enrich our lives with daily recitation and understanding of the Qur’an. Al Ehsan Institute intends to enable the Qur’an to become a key part of anyone’s life, through teaching of the correct pronunciation, to the understanding of deeper meanings of the Qur’an.

The institute aims to bridge the gap in the lack of quality teaching for adults, by providing a thoroughly inclusive classroom setting with levels to meet the learning requirement of individuals.

The learning areas are split in two

  1. Learning Arabic to comprehend the Qur’an
  2. Recitation Qur’an with correct pronunciation (Tajweed)and memorisation (Hifdh)

Upon completion of memorisation of the Qur’an Ijaaza will be granted by Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shateri.
Time table

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