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Sheikh Abu Baker Al-Shateri  is an international Qur’an reciter adored by many for his harmonious and peaceful recitation. He has earned an ijaaza in Qur’an from Dr. Ayman Rochdi Suwaid and an ijaaza for Ruqya Shar’iah (spiritual therapy). He has partaken in many events across the globe stretching from east to west and has gained the love of many. People across the world have found comfort, tranquillity and healing through his gentle recitation. Over the past 20 years Sheikh Abu Baker Al-Shateri  has continued his works on Qur’an recitation as he endeavours in helping others to find relief from pain and distress. He firmly believes in tolerance, equality and community unity as his works have always interlinked between faiths, background, disability and genders. He comprehends the power of encouraging these values in improving further interaction between all communities through education.


Al Shateri is a non-political and non-discriminant organisation striving to spiritually connect people closely with the beauty and wonders of the Qur’an. Al Shateri aims to deliver this aim through an establishment of many ground-breaking and inventive projects and events namely at “Al Shateri” centres.